Sunday, 11 February 2018

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 The Best Alkaline Water

  Today, like never before the body is pounded daily with toxins  from every angle. New food additives, pesticides, pollution, contamination, and medications may harm our bodies and, can prompt dangerous development of disease. A toxic environment in the body can bring about a susceptibility  to all kinds of illness and provide a fertile breeding ground  to disease microbes. 

Detoxification includes dietary changes and moderation of lifestyle  which decreases admission of toxins  and enhances health and longevity.

Detoxification is the way toward to clearing toxins  from the body, neutralizing  them, and clearing excess congestion and  mucus. A significant number of these poisons originate from our eating habits and environmental surrounds, the two issues are intense and relentless. Poor digestion, lazy colon, decreased liver capacity and poor elimination through the  kidneys, increase the  problem.

One of the most common problems people experience today  that individuals encounter,  again through poor dietary choices, is constipation.
Those having infrequent  bowel movements  are harboring prolific breeding grounds for all kinds of nasty diseases.
Along these lines, all toxins must be expelled, and it must start with purging of the colon. An appropriate gut purging system expels the mucoid plaque from the colon, manages stool, diminishes weight, enhances your general wellbeing, vitality and state of mind.

Dr.Hiromi Shinya, the worlds leading   Gastroenterologist and doctor,  that invented the Endoscope, prescribes drinking 2 to 3 litres of  Kangen water daily, for a sound colon.

Dr. Shinya has a 100% recovery rate with his colonic cancer patients.

Dr.Shinya  suggests a strict eating regimen of vegetables and organic product, no meat, alcohol, coffee or tea, regular exercise  and 2/3 liters of  Kangen water every day.

In the event that you do not accept any if these conditions he will not  treat you as a patient. He clearly  doesn´t  want to compromise his success  rate.

Through alkaline diet and by drinking alkaline water  you will enable your body to return to perfect balance of health.
You may notice that you have more energy, that you sleep better and that every single bodily function is working better.
Although this is what I noticed myself, after a short period of  drinking Kangen water, I realize that
everyone is of the same physiology.

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Dr.Hiromi Shinya


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Sunday, 4 February 2018

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For the majority of us, how to achieve our optimum level of well being or health  is somewhat of a mystery. We can figure out how to eat right, exercise frequently, even take costly supplements, but  still do not have that feeling of inner harmony that should accompany great well being. 

Possibly some of us have dormant diseases within, cultivated from years of poor diet and over-indulgence.
As my parents were both Jazz musicians, I am more than aware of this type of ´´live for today´´ culture. I believe many of the great Jazz  musicians departed way too young, as a direct result of that mentality and of course, hard drugs.

A few of us battle with  health difficulties, for example, asthma, joint pain, weight issues, back torment,digestion, constipation, diabetes, and cases of endless hypertension. Medical issues that can  disappoint us and regularly make us  feel baffled or disheartened. Indeed, even individuals who view themselves as moderately healthy frequently have a feeling that their well being should be so much better.

There is something so basic but yet so viable that you will be astounded that it can make such significant changes to  your well being. It's called ionized, alkaline water, the Japanese call it  Kangen water. Ionized alkaline water begins as standard faucet water, yet it is changed through water ionization to something just found in nature – it progresses toward becoming water that is super hydrating,  from toxin full tap water, to delicious alkaline water full of  cancer prevention agents, and it detoxifies, flushes poisons and acidic waiste out of our bodies like  nature's water was supposed to do.

Because Kangen water helps the bodies lymphatic system eliminate toxins ingested in food and drink,
every cell and organ in the body simply works much more effectively.
Everyone seems to notice different effects on drinking Kangen Water every day.
In particular many people notice that cronic pain and illnesses  from a variety of different causes have disappeared after a short time drinking Kangen Water.
I have personally been drinking Kangen water daily for nearly two years and am extremely pleased with the product.
 Personally, I have noticed that I have lost a considerable amount of weight, I have more energy , I sleep better, I no longer get hangovers, if I choose to drink alcohol and, I no longer suffer from various allergies or migraine headaches that used to give me so much grief.

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Sunday, 28 January 2018 Bottles Push Us Towards Ecological Disaster

Globally, one million plastic bottles  are purchased  every minute and the number will  jump another 20% by 2021, creating an ecological emergency many campaigners anticipate will be as damaging as climate change itself.

                                         Discarded plastic bottles

New figures acquired by the Guardian newspaper  uncovered the surge in demand for  plastic containers, the greater part a trillion of which, will be sold every year before the decade's over.

The demand, proportional to around 20,000 bottles being purchased each second, is driven by an evidently voracious need  for bottled water and the spread of a western, urbanized "in a hurry" culture, to China and the Asia Pacific area.

The UK is in danger of becoming a  'dumping ground' for plastic after Brexit.

More than 480 billion plastic drinking bottles were sold in 2016 globally, up from around 300 billion 10 years prior. On the off chance that they were  set end to end, they would reach  more than half the way to the sun! By 2021 this will increment to 583.3 billion, as indicated by the cutting-edge gauges in   Euromonitor International's  global packaging report.

Most plastic bottles utilized for soda pops and water are produced using polyethylene terephthalate (Pet), which is exceedingly recyclable. In any case, as their use accelerates across the globe, endeavours to gather and reuse the bottles to prevent them from dirtying the seas, are just not keeping up.
In addition, most mineral waters  bought in plastic bottles are contaminated with the toxins from the plastic itself such as estrogen and bpas, so it is really not recommended to drink water from plastic bottles.
If you have to buy bottled water, stick to glass bottles always.

Bearing in mind it that plastic water bottles are destroying our environment , that it takes 1000 years for a plastic bottle to breakdown, and, that the water they contain is acidic and toxic why do people
keep on buying bottled water?

 Watch this short video to relate to the scale of the problem.

Apart from the fact that the water contained  in plastic bottles has zero health benefit,
and the environmental destruction, the cost involved is simply ridiculous!
It has been calculated that depending on  age a person will spend around €30,000  on bottled water in a life time!
It seems we are decided on destroying the planet through our own ignorance!
One possible solution that I propose is this.
There are a number of alkaline water ionizers on the market that filter the toxins from your tap water
leaving you with delicious, healthy clean alkaline water.
The market leader in this industry is a Japanese company called ´´Enagic´´  who have been in business for 43 years who make the famous Kangen Water filters.

The Kangen systems are not cheap, but the components are of the best quality, the machines  are guaranteed and are simple and easy to install.

For more information on these unique machines and to claim your FREE ´´Alkaline Balance´´ ebook please click  here.

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Sunday, 21 January 2018 are Kangen Water Ionizers So Expensive?

In light of a recent article Consumer Reports- ''Why Are Kangen Water Ionizer Machines So Expensive''   regarding the prices of Kangen Water Ionizers I feel I have to right this article.

The comments in this article come across as naive and erroneous on numerous accounts.

Some people seem to be confused about the business model that Kangen water follow, and there have been some erroneous reports about multi level marketing.

Just to set the record straight for those confused people, the business that Kangen water are in is known as ''direct marketing'' and has nothing to do with multilevel marketing.

Yes, of course  Kangen machines are more expensive than those of the competition, but I see this as a result of  superior quality of both  components and workmanship by Enagic.

Infact, all machines are handmade and most are guaranteed for a period of 5 years.

The company has a successful brand and  business, billing over $100 million a year and above all they have a loyal network of global distributors who love the product and the brand.

The business model Enagic use is''Direct Marketing;  there is no middle man to pay as in shops or supermarkets  because the products are sold only through a licensed network of global distributors.

Very simply,to become a licensed sales agent one simply has to buy a Kangen machine.

As a company Enagic pay out 74% of revenues as sales commissions, but I believe  if someone has a problem with this, they simply don't understand the business model.
Are successful distributors going to complain that they are being paid to much? Unlikely, I think.

In the 21st Century, I feel people have the right to chose which company they want to deal with and as a seasoned sales executive I am aware that price rarely comes into play with these kind of decisions.
Its more about quality, strength of brand, perceived value and corporate integrity.

However, if someone feels for any reason  that the Kangen machines do not represent good value for money, they are always free to go buy a Chinese made water  filter that may not filter the water correctly  and will probably  be broken within 6 months.
There is an old saying ''Pay the price or buy it twice'', enough said.

As usual,in business you can´t please all the people all the time!
Of course because of the volume of business being done there are always going to be returns and one or two problems.

To clear the air, I have included a short video here that explains the company culture, history and most important of all, the compensation plan.

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Personally, I purchased a Kangen machine two years ago and am extremely pleased with both the product, the water it produces and the administration the corporation provide.
This article seems to be a ''cheap shot'' directed at the market leader,which I believe will not get much attention as it is clearly written by the competition.
As an old beer commercial used to brag in the eighties ''our product is reassuringly expensive''.

In sales generally, if you have to make up  negative stories about the competition to sell your product, then you are doomed to fail. I believe if your own product does not have enough benefits of its own merit,  then you are working for the wrong company.

Of course I am aware that the original article will have attracted some attention and free advertising and even fresh business for the competition, but in the 21st Century with modern digital communications, you cannot fool people for long.

For Enagic to have survived the test of time, they have had to build their reputation from scratch, starting 43 years ago.
 The  brand has been built based on quality of products used in production, reliability of the entire product range and also the integrity of the only company in the direct sales business that pays commissions out the day after the client pays for the machine.

This may seem like a small detail,but having worked for one or two other direct marketing companies, I am aware that some  are notoriously bad payers.

Enagic  have established their reputation as the world leader in water filtration,and supply water filters to some of the most famous celebrities in the world.

I personally love Kangen water and my  health has certainly  bloomed since I started drinking the stuff!
I have more energy, I sleep better, I no longer suffer from a variety of allergies that I used to suffer from. I am a better lover, a better athlete,I no longer suffer from hangovers and I am generally much more health oriented.

If you are looking for a business opportunity with an established company that has a great product
that helps people return to perfect health and that will pay you every week like clockwork,
then please click here

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018 Kangen Water for Holistic Health & Body Balance

Functions of Water

Water has many functions inside the human body, but the biggest function is to improve blood flow and to promote metabolism.

It also activates the intestinal bacterial flora and enzymes while excreting waste and toxins.Dioxins,pollutants,food additives and carcinogens are all flushed out of the body by good water.I believe for these reasons, people that do not drink enough water will get sick more easily. If you drink plenty of good water, it will be harder for you to get sick.When water moistens the area of the body that can get invaded most easily;such as the bronchi and gastrointestinal mucosa, the immune system is activated, making those areas difficult for the viruses to invade.In contrast, if not enough water is consumed, the bronchial mucous membranes dehydrate and dry out. Plegm and mucus are produced in the bronchial tube but if there is not enough water, they will stick to the bronchus, making it a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

Water is not only present in blood vessels but also plays an active role inside lymph vessels, helping us maintain our health.Blood vessels are like a river in the human body and lymph vessels are like a sewagepipe that carries out the important functions of filtering, purifying and transporting excess water, proteins and waste through the bloodstream.In order for the immune system to function properly, good water is imperative.
If a person does not consume enough good water, that person will not only become malnourished, but waste and toxins will also accumulate inside, unable to be excreted.In the worst case scenarios, the accumulated toxins will damage the cell genes, causing some cells to become cancerous.
Water has the very broad role of improving the flow of the gastrointestinal system, the flow of blood and lymph fluids which provide nourishment to the body´s 60 trillion cells. In addition this enables the capture and disposal of the waste from these cells.For these reasons it is important to drink a good water,ideally Kangen hydrogenated alkaline water.
Some people take it upon themselves to quench their thirst with beer or carbonated soft drinks. These drinks, instead of supplementing the fluids in the body actually cause the body to become dehydrated. Sugar, caffeine,alcohol and additives contained in these kind of drinks, steal fluids from the body´s cells and blood, making the body´s blood thicker.Middle aged and elderly people with diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, may suffer from stroke or heart attack if they rely on beer to replace lost fluids through sweating in summer.

I believe that if you are feeling thirsty, instead of drinking tea, coffee or or beer, I suggest you get used to drinking good water and supplying your body with the liquid engineering it needs to survive.Now you should have developed a better understanding of how important good water is, to the maintenance and upkeep of your body functions.But to be specific lets define ´´good´´ water.Hopefully no-one believes that good water comes from the tap or in plastic bottles; that would be naïve.
n addition to chlorine and fluoride, tap water also contains dioxins and carcinogens such as trichloroethylese and trichenylmethane.

When chlorine is added to tap water large amounts of free radicals are produced.Microorganisms die as a result of those free radicals and so people consider that the water is ''clean''. However through this process of sterilization, the water involved gets oxidized. Oxidation, which is bad for the water, is the process in which electrons break away or are taken away from molecules.Reduction is the opposite, in which electrons are received by molecules.
Through the oxidation reduction potential or ORP based on the measurement of these fluctuating electrons, one can determine whether the water at hand will oxidize or reduce other substances. 

The lower the electrical potential the stronger the reduction or benefit of the water, while a higher electrical potential will oxidize other substances.
So the big question is how do you find ''good water'' with a low Oxidation Reduction Potential?The leading company that make high calibre purification devices is known as ''Enagic'' who make the Kangen water systems.This Japanese company have been making these machines for the last 43 years and have established themselves as the market leader within the realms of water purification.
The company have a proprietary system that by running the water over charged titanium plates, filters out all toxins such as fluoride and chlorine but also produces active hydrogen, serving to remove excess free radicals from the body.
Because mineral waters bought in plastic bottles, are contaminated with the toxins from the plastic itself such as estrogen and bpas, and because on can never know how long the water has been contained in that plastic bottle I will not drink mineral water from plastic bottles.It may have been beneficial when it was poured into to that bottle but surely has little or no benefit several months or even years later.

Apart from dangerous toxins leaching out into the water of plastic bottles, the majority of plastic bottles unfortunately end up polluting our oceans and killing our sealife.
Bearing in mind it takes 1000 years for a plastic bottle to breakdown, I feel we have to take action and leave plastic bottles and the useless water they contain in the past.
Apart from the fact that the water contained in plastic bottles has zero health benefit,and the empty plastic bottles then pollute our oceans, the cost involved is simply ridiculous!It has been calculated that depending on the age of a person and the size of his family, he or she will spend around €30,000 on bottled water, in a life time!
This is absolutely ridiculous for water that probably comes from the tap and almost certainly has NO health benefit.
Considering the facts, it surprises me that anyone continues to purchase bottled water.

The Kangen systems cost between €2000 and €6000, are guaranteed, simple and easy to install.
The Kangen machines sit on top of your kitchen work top converting your tap water into delicious, healthy, hydrogenated alkaline water.
By running the water over medical grade titanium plates the chemicals such as fluoride and  chlorine are removed, leaving you fresh healthy alkaline water.

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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Blog.KangenGlobal/Alkaline Kangen Water For Health & Body Balance

Most people develop habits over a lifetime of learning from their families and loved ones. We learn from a very early age how to gain approval or, alternatively, how to upset people.

We are conditioned virtually from the moment that we come out of the womb of what is correct and we learn very quickly.
Acid Reflux

Unfortunately for many people in the 21st Century, many of our inherited eating habits were copied from our parents and  are just not healthy.

Most foods people eat meat and fish for example are acidic and over time lead to a multitude  of diseases.

Until I discovered Alkaline water I too, was living in ignorance, not just that the food I was eating was unhealthy, but more importantly, that I thought that tap water and bottled water were just fine to drink.

How wrong I was!

The bottled water industry, which is unregulated, has a bad reputation simply because, more often than not, bottled water comes from the tap!

In addition, because of the dangerous BPA chemicals and estrogen that leak into the water, NO water can be safe coming from a plastic bottle.

When people become sick they often grieve over why they became sick.

Being sick is not a test or a punishment imposed by God. In most cases it is also not preordained by genetics.

Virtually every single sickness in the world is the result of each persons habits they have accumulated over time, in particular DIET!

Acidic to Alkaline

Just two years ago I was unaware that diet is so important in our lives but fortunately, I realized in time to make the change, before illness could strike.

As a matter of fact it was n´t until I bought a Kangen machine and started to drink healthy hydrogenated alkaline water and notice the benefits, that I started some research into this hugely misunderstood subject.

In the past it was thought that illness was and should be, cured only by doctors and medication.

Patients were passive and simple took the doctors instructions and medication prescribed for them. However, now we are living in an era where everyone must take responsibility for their own health and preventative cures are hugely more attractive.
These days people are more aware of  ``Bigpharma`` as being a murderous organisation that kills innocent Holistic Doctors and that has no desire to cure you with their pharmaceuticals, for if they cured you they would lose a customer!

Nowadays, it seems people are aware to the fact that medication can never completely cure a person of any illness, but it is Bigpharma that is intent on selling us endless supplies of useless pharmaceutical medicines purely for their own profit.
The fact is, that the human body has the power to cure itself and through selective diet, exercise and rest, everyone can enjoy perfect health.

By eating the correct alkaline foods and drinking alkaline water, one can regulate the acidity in the body which is invariably caused through the wrong type diet and the wrong acidic type of drinks.

Through alkaline diet and drinking alkaline water, you will enable your body to return to perfect balance of health.

You may notice that you have more energy, that you sleep better and that every single bodily function is working better.

Although these are my own experiences  after drinking Kangen water, I know it  has actually helped thousands of people  world-wide, return to perfect health over the 43 years they a have been in business.

Happy New Year!

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